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Silence is NOT an Option

Documents for the Safety & Success of OUR Children

These documents are designed to inform and support parents and professionals as they work to incorporate both safety and success into children's IFSP, IEP and/or 504 plans.

  • A Parent Driven Plan to Keep Our Children Safe at Home and at School

  • 2_0 Silence Is Not an Option Safety Attachment Intro

  • 1_0 Personal Safety Issues and Developmental Stages

  • Birth to Three Safety Considerations Kidpower 2016

  • 1_2 Preschool 3-5 years

  • 1_3 Elementary 5 to 11 years

  • 1_4 Middle School 11-14 years

  • 1_5 High School and Transistion 14-22 years

  • Evolving List of Related Children's Literature books:

    Childrens Literature Prevention Understanding and Healing from Maltreatment
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