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Jobs & Resumes

Where are the jobs in Deaf Education and who are the individuals seeking these jobs?


Topical Conversations

What are the "frequently encountered problems" (FEPs) that impede the teaching, learning and performance of children who are d/hh? What can we do to resolve these FEPs?


Knowledge Base

What do we know about "what works" in Deaf Education to enhance teaching, learning and performance and where can we go to learn more?


Collaborative Opportunities

What are we doing to enhance the teaching, learning, and performance of children who are d/hh and how can I get involved?

Two new publications to guide the success and safety of children who are deaf/hard of hearing:

Principles and Guidelines for Early Intervention After Confirmation That a Child Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Children with audiological needs: From identification to aural rehabilitation


Collaboration and Hands & Voices and are proud to be co-partnering on this web site. We hope that this collaboration will work to support the educational possibilities provided to children who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Hands & VoicesHands & Voices is a national non-profit parent-driven organization that provides communication-unbiased information, educational advocacy, parent-mentoring and much more to families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and to the professionals who serve them.